Saloon/Super Saloons

Flynn Family Trophy
1st in East Coast Champs – Mark Osbourne

Flynn Family Trophy
2nd in East Coast Champs – Ritchie Taylor

Flynn Family Trophy
3rd in East Coast Champs – Lance Jennings

Southern Auto Services Cup
1st HB Car in East Coast Champs – Grant Flynn

Saloon Car B Grade Shield
Top Points in B Grade – Ian Mudgway

Pam Gibson Trophy
2nd in Points in Saloons – Steven Martin

Pam Gibson Trophy
3rd in Points in Saloons – Timmy Towler

Most Points in B Grade Feature – Ian Mudgway

HB Saloon Car Cup
Best All Round Sportsman – Graham Strong

Saloon Car Best Car and Team – Ian Mudgway

HB Saloon Car Cup
Most Improved Driver – Craig Marsh

D.M Kingi Cup
For the Keenest Competitor – Craig Marsh

Unluckiest Driver – Steven Martin

Motor Parts Performance Centre Cup
Hatrick on the Night – Steven Martin


Warner Trophy
Most Consistent Stockcar Driver – Grant Hollyman

D.M Kingi Cup
Keenest Competitor in Stockcars – Brett Loveridge

Hard Luck Trophy – Jeff Hart

Dave Foxel Memorial Trophy
B Grade Drivers – Jason Penn

Southern Auto Services
Aggravators Trophy – Josh Smith

John Cocker Memorial Trophy – Randall Tarrant

The Cri Bar and Grill Cup
Top Points in Standard Stocks – Randall Tarrant

The Cri Bar and Grill Cup
2nd Highest points Standard Stocks – Grant Hollyman

Countdown Hastings Cup
Most Professional Crew Standard Stocks – Jason Penn

Countdown Hastings Trophy
Most Improved Driver Standard Stocks – Randall Tarrant

Ivan Woodham Motors Cup
HB Standard Stock Champ – Randall Tarrant

The Gattsche Family Trophy
Standard Stockcar Highest Points in Feature – Grant Hollyman

Napier Oil Services Trophy
Standard Stocks East Coast Champs – Randall Tarrant


Efficient Carrying Co Ltd Cup
HB Club Champion – Craig Todd

Mcleish Trophy
Most Points up to Feature – Duane Todd

Pettigrews Transport Ltd
Most Points in Feature Races – Craig Todd

Meeanee Motors Cup
Most Aggregate Points – Duane Todd

Barclay Murphy Cup
Best car and Team – Efficient Racing Team

Rod Ellis Cup
Sportsman of the Year – Ryan Macgregor

Weldwell NZ Ltd
20 Lapper – Jared Taylor

Napier Tyre Traders Cup
1st HB Car home in East Coast Champs – Duane Todd

Mandarin Gift Shop Cup
HB East Coast Champ – Duane Todd

R Watson and Son Shield
Hard Luck – David Wilson

R Watson and Son Cup
1st Year Driver in Feature – Sam Neil


Val Smith Cup
1st HB Car home in East Coasts – Darren Melling

Ian Hay Wreckers Trophy
Highest Points in Feature Races – Darren Melling

Trade Towage Trophy
Top Points Scorer – Darren Melling

Gloucester Court Jewellers Trophy
Most Improved Driver – Margo Fairless

Streetstock Stirrers Trophy – David Brand
3rd Year Running!

Southern Auto Services Trophy
Hard Luck – Mike Appleby

Havelock North Watchmakers
HB Club Champion – Wayne Melling

Mad Marty Shield
Best Streetstock Driver of the Season – Darren Melling

Quality Ingravers Trophy
Best Car and Team – Margo Fairless and Ben Yeoman

Pam Gibson Memorial – Wayne Melling

Keil Family Trophy
Rookie of the Year – Patrick Roche

Chixieland Cup
2nd Overall Points – Wayne Melling

Car and Truck Painters Trophy
2nd Feature Points – Wayne Melling and Ben Yeoman

Super Stocks

Leonards Garage Cup
Top Points in A Grade – Tony Meechan

Triplow New World Cup
2nd Highest in A Grade – Steve Jude

Halfway House Cup
3rd Highest in A Grade – Quinn Ryan

HB Mower Services Ltd Cup
HB East coast Champion – Shane Penn

Brookfield Wines Cup
1st HB Car Home in East Coast Champ – Tony Meechan

Watties Stockcar Trophy
HB Club Champion – Tony Meechan

Dennis Glenny Memorial Cup
1st Year A Grade Driver – Quinn Ryan

Victor Paints Trophy
Most Points Over Season – Tony Meechan

G J Lord Trophy
Highest Points in Feature – Tony Meechan

Glen Henry Cup
Best Car and Team – Quinn Ryan

Brookfield Vineyard Cup
Best All Rounder – Adam Groome

Mad Marty Shield
Best Stockcar Drive of the Season – Mike McLachlan

Autumn Nationals Trophy – Steve Jude

Ansin and Monteith Trophy
Best Pairs  – Shane Penn and Chad Ace

Noel Powell Trophy
Keenest Competitor in Superstocks – Steve Jude


Mag and Tyre Hastings
Top Point Scorer – Kim Johnstone/Clinton Durbin

Scott Freighters Trophy
1st HB Sidecar in HB Champs – Kim Johnstone/Clinton Durbin

Havelock North Watchmakers Cup
Hard Luck – Troy Devery/Pete Steigenberger

Kieth Turner Suzuki Cup
East Coast Sidecar Champion – Simon Windelborn/Tony Carter

Brian J Nelson Signs Cup
2nd East Coast Sidecar Champion – Clive Island/Kerwin Annaboli

BJ Bakeries Trophy
3rd East Coast Sidecar Champion – Mike Zachan/S Beathune

The Motorcycle Centre Cup
Most Improved Sidecar Team – Justin Lincoln/Adrian Orchard

Justin Power Cup
Most Innovative Sidecar – Andrew McNamara/T Beaver

Paul Debenham Cup
Sidecar Swinger of the Season – T Beaver

Hawkes Bay Sidecar Associaton
Services to the Sidecar Section – Debbie Steigenberger

George Wyndham Memorial Trophy
Points winner over all Sections – Ian Mudgway

Fairless Female of the Season – Jemma Palmer

Murray King Trophy
Most Spectacular Crash – Craig Marsh

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